Tuesday, 14 November 2017

BFG 1500: Craftworld Eldar vs Tau Escalating Engagement

An Escalating Engagement scenario for this next BFG game, which meant our squadrons would be arriving randomly to the fight!  We both start off with a group on board, which for the Tau was a Carrier and three Escorts, and for my Eldar the Void Dragon. Due to their speed advantage my Eldar are more likely to arrive (needing 3+ for each squadron, compared to 5+ for the Tau).

I close quickly on the carrier forcing it to brace for impact, damaging it, and delaying the launch of more ordnance. My Void Dragon takes two points of damage as the Tau respond.

My first Wraithship Squadron arrives and shoots down some Mantas that were trying to signal to the Tau reinforcements. (would have added +2 to their arrival chance roll).

My Void Dragon cripples the Carrier.

The Carrier disengages and more Tau Escorts arrive.

My Void Dragon and Wraithships advance on the Tau Escorts.

And blast half of them to pieces.

The Tau Escorts disengage to save themselves, as two more Tau carriers arrive.

The Eldar successfully disengage!

The Tau bombers arrive too late!

Victory points are 157.5 to the Eldar and 150 to the Tau! Eldar win by 7.5 points.


A fairly miserable victory admittedly, but still technically a victory! Taking advantage of the opportunity the Eldar ganged up on a Carrier group and its Escorts doing as much damage as possible and then disengaging.  A victory of 7.5 points out of 1500 is not something to be particularly admired - will need to achieve a more decisive victory than this in another game. Also I was lucky to have not taken a smidgen more damage with aggressive use of the Void Dragon early on, one more point of damage would have put the Tau clearly into the lead!

Thursday, 2 November 2017

BFG 1500: Craftworld Eldar vs Tau rematch

A rerun of BFG with Eldar vs Tau again. Played a week after the previous game but only just got around to writing it up.

I swapped out one of my Cruisers for four Escorts, while Andrew also made some slight tweaks to his force.

Game Report

Here's the setup, with sun edge again that closest to camera. Cruiser Clash scenario again.

I take first turn this time. I'm "up sun" of the Tau carriers to ensure I get favourable movement with the solar wind, but it's a long way to get to the target with most of my fleet!

My Escorts move to an asteroid field and my other ships launch their fighters.

Tau launch their Bombers, while their Escorts close in on my main strike group.

I brace for impact as all the escorts fire on the Void Dragon, and it takes only one damage.

My fighters move towards the Carriers to intercept Ordnance.

I close in on the trailing Hero Cruiser with my Void Dragon and two Wraithships, doing much damage and crippling it. Three other Cruisers attack the main Carrier group and inflict some minor damage. My Escorts target the enemy bombers shooting down two waves.

Remaining Tau Torpedo Bombers fire Torpedoes.

One of my Cruisers is crippled and I lose an Escort too.

The crippled Tau Hero and a Defender disengage successfully, jumping away and leaving the battlefield. Tau Escorts chase after my Cruisers and Escorts, while their Carriers reload and launch again.

Checking turn arc of torpedoes with fancy horizontal laser thing... - a miss just!

All my Cruisers power toward the Carriers, and they come close to crippling one of them, despite the carriers bracing.

Tau unleash more torpedoes.

The barrage destroys a damaged Eldar Crusier and cripples one more, and two of my Escorts are also destroyed.

Tau then disengage successfully with all their ships!!

I'm left in possession of this sector of space, but I've taken significantly more damage than the Tau fleet. Tau score 337 victory points and me only about 285! Narrow win to the Tau.

Cleverly done by the Tau, inflicting some heavy damage with their bombers and withdrawing before I could respond in kind! If I had managed another point or two here or there against their capital ships the balance would have been in my favour. Once again bit of a piecemeal attack on my part with some Cruisers getting very far ahead of the main force. A better effort than last time though!

Sunday, 15 October 2017

ADLG: Lysimachus vs Seleucus

Another game of ADLG using 28mm Successor armies. Matt arrived with Seleucid reinforcements in the shape of an elephant and archers, while I used the army of Lysimachus.

Seleucids end up attacking, and I have some useful terrain on my side of the table.

Seleucid mounted wing opposing my right.

Phalanx in the Seleucid centre with Galatians on each flank.

Elephant with Bowmen and Medium Spear opposing my left.

On my left I have some Light Cavalry, Lancers and Javelinmen.

Then my Phalanx in the centre.

Then Elephants with Medium Swordsmen on my right.

Seleucids advance, light cavalry riding wide to get around my right flank.

I advance to meet the Selecuids.

My lancers don't fancy facing off against the  Seleucid Elephant, bow and spear, and instead march toward my centre and right.

Seleucids close to bow range.

Given I'm going to be outflanked on my right, I charge in to try and break a hole with my elephants. 

A lancer rides to reinforce the right flank.
My other lancers aim for a gap in the Seleucid line that has opened to the left (my left) of their phalanx.

A unit of my medium swordsmen is destroyed by the enemy Phalanx immediately making a hole in the middle of my own line which isn't a good start.

And the Seleucids press home the attack charging into the elepahnts and medium sword with their own lancers.

And their Phalanx crashes into mine too, with medium spearmen moving over to guard their flank against my lancers. 

Seleucid bow shoot fairly ineffectively at my Javelinmen, and I'm happy to tie down these troops like this.

Battle in the centre.

I charge into the spearmen with my lancers but they hold.

While units on both sides take casualties in a melee down the line.

One of my elephants breaks a hole in the cavalry line, but my swordsmen are struggling to hold off the Seleucid lancers even with elephants helping them.

  My Lancers struggle on against the Spearmen. 

The Seleucid phalanx commander turns his file and charges into the flank of an elephant.

And the Seleucid elephant turns around and comes over to block the weak point in their line, backing up the spearmen against my lancers.

My right flank starts to crumble, though the Selecid lancers have now lost two units against the elephants.

But my flanked elephant and the remainder of my swordsmen are destroyed.

My lancers batter down the spear only to meet the enemy elephant.

Seleucid cavalry flank charges my elephants.

And the Seleucid elephant advances on my lancers.

One of my phalanx files destroys its opponent...

But too late as my army has reached its break point of 22/22. Seleucids are at 17/20 of their break point.

My remaining elephant at least manages to destroy another Seleucid cavalry unit before the end...

Close game but well done to Matt who managed to break my army with some bold cavalry attacks proving decisive!