Friday, 23 February 2018

Epic 4K: Marine vs Minervan

Another Epic Game last week, with my Marines taking on Andrew's Minervans. Andrew had added some cool looking B5 "Furies" as his Thunderbolts, models from Shapeways, to the rest of his HLS Models super heavy tank force.

4000 POINTS 
Codex Astartes (NetEA Tournament Pack 2014) 

4 Terminators, Captain

4 Terminators

4 Terminators, Chaplain

THUNDERHAWK [200] (Carrying 2x Assault Formations)

4 Assault Units, Chaplain

4 Assault Units, Chaplain

6 Tacticals, Supreme Commander, Razorback, Hunter

SCOUT [150]
4 Scouts

SCOUT [150]
4 Scouts

6 Tacticals, Razorback, Hunter

4 Whirlwinds

4 Whirlwinds

THUNDERHAWK [200] (Carrying 1x Deavastator Formation)

4 Devastators

Andrew used the Minervan list:

650Hvy Tank Coy, 3 Stormhammer, Supreme Commander, Commissar, Hydra
575Hvy Tank Coy, 3 Stormhammers, Commissar, Hydra, Salamander Command
500Hvy Tank Coy, 2 Stormswords, Stormhammer, Commissar
500Hvy Tank Coy, 2 Stormswords, Stormhammer, Commissar
500Hvy Tank Coy, 3 Shadowswords, Commissar
200Shadowsword, Commissar
200Shadowsword, Commissar
3004 Vultures, Commissar
1253 Salamander Scouts, Salamander Command
1502 Thunderbollt Fighters
1502 Thunderbollt Fighters
1502 Thunderbollt Fighters


Here's the setup. Minervans on the top right, me mostly bottom left. Marines win Strategy Roll and initial Whirlwind bombardment knocks Vultures from the fight.

After further initial skirmishing I open up with an aerial assault versus his Command Tank Company.  

I lose most of my Marines in the two round assault, but the Tank Company is also shattered and retreats. The grounded Thunderhawk is destroyed by a Shadowsword.

We both advance to contest the centre of the board.

Furies divebomb my Marines.

Tank fire takes a heavy toll against my Marine Infantry despite cover, and one of my Tactical formations is reduced to only it's transports.

Turn 2, I teleport Terminators and largely destroy another tank company

Though the retain assault goes less well and the second tank company holds out despite losing a tank.

Other tanks rush and claim Take and Holds objectives, my broken Marine formations  falling back.

End of turn and and my Terminators have taken heavy casualties from Shadowsword fire, ceasing to be effective as an offensive force.

Turn 3 and Marines land to take the Minervan Blitz.

The Minvervans retake this, but are outactivated and  can't hold or contest enough objectives.

Marines win scoring Take and Hold, Break Their Spirit, They Shall Not Pass and Defend the Flag.


The Minervans suffered heavy losses with many criticals and failures to make their armour saves - in short I think I got lucky with these! About 75% of the Marine Infantry was also lost though, so not a victory easily achieved despite the victory condition scoreline!

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

DBA Big Battle: Sumerian vs Akkadian

Had a game last week using the horde of Sumerian/Akkadian figures Andrew has accumulated. I love it when wargamers put in the effort to build complete forces for a period like this, able to supply both sides in good numbers. A pleasure to participate!

Sumerians are list number 1 in Ancient Wargame rulesets - the first civilisation at about 3000 BCE. Even further in time before Rome than we are after Rome.

Sumer was a collection of sometimes competing and sometime co-operating city states. Their armies consisted of spearmen/pikemen, axemen, archers, slingers, stone throwers, and 2 and 4 Equid 4 wheel chariots. Equids were small donkey like animals, less powerful than a modern horse, hence why the chariots had 4 wheels. The Sumerian relief below shows them in action.

For this battle we used Big Battle DBA. Andrew used the Early Sumerian list, and myself the later Akkadian one.  Andrew's pike were classed as solid, mine as fast. So mine moved faster but didn't have as much staying power. I also had a greater number of pike, and also some rabble (hordes), while Andrew a greater number of archers (some Elamite allies), and some axemen.  


Here's the setup, with me as the attacker, and a little disappointed by the battlefield terrain my Akkadians have found themselves in! Given my Akkadians have the speedier foot, my plan was to try and attack the flanks of the Sumerian force. However, on my left flank is a built up area already occupied by the Sumerians which I wouldn't be able to take without a tough fight. On my right flank is difficult ground that will slow an advance.

Sumerians advance, and occupy the terrain on my right. I charge into this and lose my light infantry immediately, which throws my plan for victory on the right into turmoil...

On the left I'm outnumbered and facing many archers.  I throw forward some light troops, hoping to lure the enemy chariots to charge forward of their line.

And unable to resist the temptation the Sumerian chariots advance...

...running down the light troops and following up into my own chariots...

... but also far advanced from his own line.

On the right I decide to just run past the rough terrain and enemy light troops and ignore these as best I can. My pike charge into his pike and force them back despite him having the edge in these combats. The left flank of my phalanx is exposed though holding spectacularly despite this.

On the left I surround his King's chariot and destroy it!

Sumerian Archers charge another chariot of mine in the flank though...

Forward comes another Sumerian chariot and that is also dealt to.

Much Equid death on the left flank as both of us lose Equid chariots. Over on the right my right flank attack has killed the archers guarding the right of the Sumerian phalanx though, and I start to win there.

I lose a small command on my left flank with death of light troops and their Chariot general.

But the Sumerian right flank is demoralised, and in the same turn we have lost enough from our centres (one more element each) to break both our armies! It seems this is a mutual destruction, with both armies spent and retiring in a draw! (Or at least that is how we interpreted it, we were a bit vague on the rules in the Big Battle version).


An interesting game and first time a draw has occurred for me in DBA. It would be interesting to try the same battle using ADLG which is the French ruleset we use. The other thing I noticed about this was the strong similarity to later Hellenistic armies. Here again we have armies with a phalanx, light troops, and heavy breakthrough cavalry arm. This meant the battle had a similar flavour, though greater numbers of light troops and archers were present in these Sumerian/Akkadian armies.

Friday, 15 December 2017

BFG 1500: Craftworld Eldar vs Tau Escalating Engagement rematch

A rematch of the escalating scenario between my Kraytonian "Eldar" and Andrew's scratchbuilt Tau. Or in fact Andrew's entirely new scratchbuilt Tau as he had made an entirely new fleet since our last game!

Tau start with two Carriers and an Escort Squadron, while I only have a single Cruiser on the table.

The Tau attack my Cruiser and it is crippled in the first turn before disengaging.  Foolish of me to be so aggressive with it!

My first reinforcement arrives, the Void Dragon which attacks one of the Carriers, taking it to one point off being crippled in a single volley. 

The Tau bombers move to intercept! My Dragonship takes two damage as return fire and bomber attacks impact, and then it disengages.

This leaves the Tau forces alone on the table for a turn! Their damaged Carrier also disengages.

But reinforcements rapidly arrive, with luck of the dice meaning they show up in concentrated force on the same table edge!

My Shadowhunters arrive and fail miserably to eliminate two bomber squadrons despite being on "Lock On" orders!

Another Cruiser Squadron of mine arrives near the main Tau fleet and "All Ahead Full" is ordered to take them out of bomber range for the turn.  Tau bombers destroy a Shadowhunter squadron.

With my last Cruiser Squadron arriving, I decide to launch one last strike on the Tau fleet before disengaging, hoping to cause significant damage and survive the remaining counterstrike before another bomber wave is launched. 

I manage to destroy 3 of the Orca Escorts, but another Cruiser is crippled before I disengage. Tau win by about 270 to 65 points.


A well played game by Andrew as usual, helped by some fortuitous dice rolls for arrival location of his reserves. With the Tau fleet managing to achieve concentration for most of the game, the advantages this scenario tends to present to the Eldar on average were not present. With inability to hit and run against more isolated Tau units, I struggled to achieve much. I also threw away a first Cruiser rather senselessly, and was perhaps too impatient in attacking before I achieved my own concentration of force. 

Last but certainly not least, in addition to the ships used in the battle, Andrew has added all these extra units, including Orbital Platforms, Merchants, and assorted extras! Impressive construction capacity! Some interesting scenarios await.